• A Big Fat Greek Wedding

    A Big Fat Greek Wedding

    Location: Canada

    Devon and George were planning a HUGE Greek wedding with over 400 guests! They were excited to highlight their relationship with a fun slideshow to show after dinner. George wanted to emphasize his love of sports and interesting taste in music while Devon wanted to show off her fun and quirky personality. They were a lot of fun to work it!

  • The D.J. and the Pharmacist- A Romantic Story

    Location: San Diego

    Maggie and Joey were referred to me by another couple I made a slideshow for. They were looking for something cute, funny but also wanted to take a bit more of a romantic approach. We included some artistic photos and a quote by Dr. Seuss. I really loved how this one turned out- very unique.

  • The Comedian and the Shoe Enthusiast

    The Comedian and the Shoe Enthusiast

    Location: New Jersey

    Dan and Marisa had such a great sense of humor and were so fun to work with. They were so open to taking fun and silly pictures for their video and yes, a werewolf mask was involved! (I believe it's one of the funniest slideshows because of that!) We focused on Dan's sense of humor and love for puzzles and Marisa's caring nature and obsession with shoes. This slideshow was a blast to create!!

  • From Vietnam to Washington

    From Vietnam to Washington

    Location: Vietnam

    What a cool couple! Cynthia and Michael have literally traveled the world together and captured some great pictures along the way. Cynthia grew up in Vietnam and that's where their wedding will take place although they currently reside in Washington. They are planning a gorgeous wedding, can't wait to see the pics!

  • The Therapist and the Broncos Fan

    Location: Colorado

    Emily and Jimmy were such a fun and outgoing couple.   We focused on her love of chocolate and reading and his love for golf and football.  Did I mention we poked a little fun at Jimmy's previous hair styles? This slideshow was just a blast to work on and turned out really funny.