how it works

  • Let's get to know each other.

    Fill out a questionnaire and gives us all the details. At Simply Unique Video we believe it's essential to truly understand our clients before we begin a project. That way we can create something that best represents who you are.

  • Pull out the baby album

    Email us all the photos necessary to complete the project. We always look at your photos before we write the script- some of the best and most creative ideas come from looking at your pictures!

  • Your script is ready

    With the details you provide us we will prepare a custom written script which you will be able to review before we continue. The length of the script will depend on your price range and how long you want the video to be. Once the script is finished you will have the oppotunity to look it over and make changes if necessary.

  • Video is an Option

    Video is not necessary to create a slideshow but many people like to add it for extra visual appeal. Some clients choose to enlist our help and we have professional video equipment to provide this service. Other clients prefer to send us their home footage that they shoot themselves and this works very well also. It is all up to you and your price range!

  • Add a Professional Voice

    We work with several voice actors to provide you with movie quality narration.

  • Editing is where the real Magic Happens

    We use professional software such as Photoshop, Final Cut Pro and After Effects to create a visually appealing and exciting video that you won't find anywhere else.